Business Grammar and Practice Intermediate - Collins English for Business

Üzleti angol nyelvtankönyv.
ISBN: 9780007420575
Author: Nick Brieger, Simon Sweeney
Page: 190
Binding: Soft cover
Publication date: 2011
Format: Book
Level: B1-B2
Language: English
Ages: adult

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A comprehensive and clear guide for those looking to improve their English grammar for use in the workplace.

If you are required to use English at work but feel you need to build up your grammar, Collins’ new Business Grammar & Practice is the perfect solution.

Topics covered:
• Main tenses (presents, pasts, futures, conditionals)
• Auxiliaries and modals
• Active vs. passive voice
• Verb irregularities
• Sentence and clause types
• Nouns
• Adjectives and adverbs
• Determiners (articles, pronouns, demonstratives…)
• Prepositions

CEF level: B1–B2


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