Workplace English 2 - Get ahead with everyday business English

Munkahelyi angol szaknyelvi könyv.
ISBN: 9780007460557
Author: James Schofield
Page: 159
Binding: Soft cover
Publication date: 2013
Format: Book + Audio CD + DVD
Level: A2
Publisher: COLLINS
Language: English
Ages: adult

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Learn English with Tom Field, a project manager at Lowis Engineering. He attends meetings, gives short presentations, participates in video and phone conferences and writes emails for different business situations.

In the Workplace English 2 self-study pack you can follow Tom’s daily life at his office and learn the English you need for your everyday work.

• Watch or listen to Tom to learn the language of business
• Have fun with practice activities
• Use the key phrases in your own work life

Units cover: Giving presentations, Assigning tasks, Teleconferencing, Video conferencing, Emailing, Conducting small talk

Twelve videos featuring different business situations

Audio includes conversations and exercises

Full colour book with 24units and reference section including:
• key words
• phrases for speaking and writing
• answer key
• audioscript
• grammar reference

CEF level: A2 (Pre-intermediate)


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