Workshop Business and Commerce

Üzleti angol nyelvkönyv diákoknak.
ISBN: 9780194388252
Author: Wood
Page: 40
Binding: Soft cover
Publication date: 2003
Format: Book
Language: English

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A series of Workbooks offering practical English lessons for school students preparing for work.

* Approximately 28 45-minute lessons to use in any order to suit the coursebook or syllabus.

* Short units with varied practical activities and up-to-date readings covering a range of text types.

* Lower-intermediate material – the right level for vocational schools.

* 'Before you start' gets students thinking about what they already know about the lesson topic and the language they will meet.

* 'Get real' – optional extra ideas that help students step into the real world of English.

* Glossary of key topic-related vocabulary used in the lesson with easy-to-understand definitions.

* Free, downloadable Teacher's Notes.


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