English for Environmental Science in Higher Education Studies Course Book with Audio CDs (2)

English for Environmental Science focuses on key vocabulary for the discipline and on words and phrases commonly used in academic and technical English. It covers key facts and concepts from the discipline, thereby giving students a flying start...
ISBN: 9781859644447
Author: Richard Lee
Page: 130
Binding: Soft cover
Publication date: 2009
Format: Book + Audio CD
Level: B2-C2
Language: English

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...for when they meet the same points again in their faculty work. It provides carefully graded practice and progressions in the key academic skills that all students need, such as listening to lectures and speaking in seminars.

Unit 1: What is environmental science?
Unit 2: What do environmental scientists do?
Unit 3: The atmosphere
Unit 4: Computers in environmental science
Unit 5: Energy resources
Unit 6: Soil as a resource
Unit 7: Recycling waste
Unit 8: Ecosystems
Unit 9: Preserving biodiversity
Unit 10: Pollution
Unit 11: Agriculture
Unit 12: Sustainability


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