The Prince's Bedtime

A rhyming tale of under-age insomnia: the adults try everything from hot milk to magicians, but the small prince stays resolutely awake. Until, that is, an old woman appears with a storybook and lulls him into dreamland.
ISBN: 9781846860959
Author: J. Oppenheim, M. Latimer, J. Broadbent
Page: 32
Binding: Soft cover
Publication date: 2007
Language: English

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The cook brings biscuits, the maid brings hot milk and the physician brings medicine, but the young Prince will not sleep. So the King and the Queen try an entire troupe of dancers, a mustached musician, a feather down quilt and even a cake! Still, the Prince will not close his eyes. Will the strange woman at the palace gate hold the key to the Prince's slumber?


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