LEGO Minifigure A Visual History New Edition: With exclusive LEGO spaceman minifigure!

Celebrate the epic journey of the LEGO® minifigure. Features an exclusive orange spaceman!
ISBN: 9780241409695
Author: Gregory Farshtey, Daniel Lipkowitz, Simon Hugo
Page: 256
Binding: Hard cover
Publication date: 2020
Format: Book
Publisher: DK CHILDREN
Language: English

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Price: 13 295 Ft

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Enter the world of minifigures with this fully updated edition. The first minifigure was created in 1978, and today the entire minifigure population could circle the globe more than five times!

Starring more than 2,000 of the most popular and rarest minifigures from the LEGO® Minifigure Series and themes including LEGO® NINJAGO®, THE LEGO® MOVIE™, LEGO® Star Wars™, LEGO® City, LEGO® Harry Potter™, and many more.

From astronauts and vampires to Super Heroes and movie characters, feast your eyes onthe most awesome minifigures of every decade!


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