Bond Plays: 2: Lear, the Sea, Narrow Road to the Deep North, Black Mass, and Passion

Edward Bond drámáinak gyűjteménye angol nyelven.
ISBN: 9780413392701
Author: Bond, Edward
Page: 253
Binding: Soft cover
Publication date: 1998
Format: Book
Publisher: METHUEN
Language: English

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The internationally acclaimed dramatist Edward Bond endures as one of the towering figures of contemporary British theatre. His plays are read at schools and university level. Lear - "Bond's greatest (and biggest) play ...It is even more topical now andwill become more so as man's inhumanity gains subtle sophistication with the twenty-first century's approach" (The Times); The Sea - "It blends wild farce with tragedy and ends with a sliver of hope ...what makes the play fascinating is Bond's bleak poetry and social comedy" (Guardian); Narrow Road to the Deep North - "His best piece so far ...No one else could have written it" (The Times); Black Mass, written for performance at an anti-apartheid demonstration: "A Georg Grosz picture come to life ...the only possible kind of artistic imagery through which to speak of such evil" (Listener); Passion - a play for CND: "Mingles comedy and high anger with absolute sureness." (Guardian)


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