Tanya Huff: Blood Lines

For Henry Fitzroy, 450-year-old vampire, it began with a haunting, inescapable image of the sun, a terrifying symbol of death to one such as he.
ISBN: 9780756405038
Author: Tanya Huff
Page: 271
Binding: Soft cover
Publication date: 2007
Format: Book
Publisher: DAW BOOKS
Language: English

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Fearing for his sanity, he called upon his sometime-lover and comrade in supernatural investigations, private investigator Vicki Nelson, for help. And even as the two struggled to cope with Henry's obsesion, Vicki's closest friend and former partner, homicide detective Mike Celluci, was following up on two mysterious deaths at Toronto's Royal Ontario Museum, certain he was looking at murders, not accidents and equally convinced that the killer was a mummy brought back from the dead!


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