Kelley Armstrong: Stolen - Number 2 in series (Otherworld)

ISBN: 9781841499192
Author: Kelley Armstrong
Page: 467
Binding: Soft cover
Publication date: 2010
Format: Book
Publisher: ORBIT
Language: English

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Elena Michaels is a wanted woman. Ten years ago she was transformed into a werewolf by her lover. Her transformation makes her powerful. But in the wrong hands, it also makes her deadly.
And now, just as she's coming to terms with it all, a group of scientists learns of her existence. They're hunting her down, and Elena is about to run straight into their trap. But they haven't reckoned on Elena's adoptive family, her Pack, who will stop at nothing to get her back.
They haven't reckoned on Elena, either. And that's a very big mistake . . .


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