Tom Clancy: Cutting Edge - Power Plays Volume 6

Africa becomes the battleground in 21st-century war. As fibreoptic cable is laid down around the continent, two entities fight to control it. One is UpLink Communications, headed by Roger Gordian. The pan-African fibreoptic ring is his most ambitious . .
ISBN: 9780140294941
Author: Tom Clancy
Page: 421
Binding: Soft cover
Publication date: 2002
Format: Book
Language: English

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and expensive . . . endeavour to date. His nemesis, Harlan DeVane, is penetrating the network. Trading in black-market commodities with terrorists and rogue states, the cable offers him unlimited access to a most valuable product: information. To ensurehis success, DeVane makes his move halfway around the world. He hits Gordian where it hurts . . .and kidnaps his daughter. Now Gordian must trust his UpLink team as never before, as they fight on land and sea to turn the tables against DeVane . . . onceand for all.


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