Tom Clancy: Without Remorse - Jack Ryan/John Clark Universe Volume 1

Expanding the universe of Jack Ryan and his colleagues, Without Remorse tracks the early career of John "The Invisible Man" Kelly, the ex-Navy SEAL who eventually becomes the shadowy John Clark of Clancy's other novels.
ISBN: 9780425143322
Author: Tom Clancy
Page: 750
Binding: Soft cover
Publication date: 1994
Format: Book
Publisher: BERKLEY
Language: English

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Kelly is a highly decorated hero and a masterful soldier, diver and sailor. But during the first Nixon administration he suffers two tragedies that transform him into a ruthless vigilante: his pregnant wife is killed in a freak accident, and Pam, the woman he turns to in his pain, is murdered. Motivated by revenge, Kelly systematically kills the drug-dealing pimps who had so brutalized Pam and her friends. At the same time, CIA man James Greer recruits Kelly for covert operations in Vietnam.


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