Homemade: 101 Easy to Make Things for Your Garden, Home or Farm

ISBN: 9780882661032
Author: Ken Braren and Roger M. Griffith
Page: 176
Binding: Soft cover
Format: Book
Language: English

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If you want to save time and money, or make your life easier and more productive, look through this book. We believe you will find something that will be easy for you to build, even with only hand tools and limited experience. Here are some of those ideas: - Fireplace front, to conserve heat; - Root cellar, to store those valuable vegetables through the winter; - Fences, gates, stiles — even a turnstile; - Animal shelters — from birds to horses; - Window greenhouse; - Inexpensive solar drier; - And dozens of small, useful items, such as stove wood containers, a macramé hanger, tool storage units, and seed containers.


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