Gárdos Péter: Fever at Dawn

You might not believe this story but it really happened. It's July 1945. Miklos, a Hungarian survivor of Belsen, lands up in a refugee camp in Sweden.
ISBN: 9780857523785
Author: Gárdos Péter
Page: 196
Binding: Hard cover
Publication date: 2016
Format: Book
Publisher: DOUBLEDAY
Language: English

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He's skin and bone, and he has no teeth. The doctor says he has only months to live. But Miklos has other plans. He whistles up a list of 117 young Hungarian women in another camp across the forests of Sweden. In his beautiful handwriting he writes to each of them. He writes obsessively, sitting in the shade of a tree in the hospital garden. One of these young women, he is sure, will become his wife. The novel will be published 7th April 2016.


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