Body Language: The Signals You Don't Know You're Sending, and How To Master Them

From interviews to dates, the boardroom to the stage, being aware of the non-verbal signals you, and others, send can have a huge impact on your relationships and success in life – for better or worse.
ISBN: 9781848319585
Author: Glenn Wilson
Page: 208
Binding: Soft cover
Publication date: 2016
Format: Book
Publisher: ICON BOOKS
Language: English

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This fun and friendly guide will show you how to ‘read’ the body language of others, and how to project the right signals, so you can manage the impression you give to others. Full of real-world and pop-cultural examples, practical tips and strategies, and underpinned by principles from psychological and social experiments, you’ll learn how to use and interpret non-verbal messages to put your best face, and body, forwards.


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