Ken Mogi: The Little Book of Ikigai: The essential Japanese way to finding your purpose in life

Find out how to live a long and happy life thanks to the ikigai miracle, a Japanese philosophy that helps you find fulfilment, joy and mindfulness in everything you do.
ISBN: 9781786489036
Author: Ken Mogi
Page: 195
Binding: Hard cover
Publication date: 2017
Format: Book
Publisher: QUERCUS
Language: English

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According to the Japanese, ikigai is "the reason to get up in the morning". It is a mindset that has the potential to change your life. It is a miracle that can be found at the heart of Japan's record-breaking longevity. This fascinating book, packed full of advice, wisdom and insight, takes you down the path to a fulfilling and healthy existence. It gives you the tools to make the most of every day - whether it be in your career or your pastime.


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