Ann Keniston: Overheard Voices: Address and Subjectivity in Postmodern American Poetry

Overheard Voices examines poetic address and in particular apostrophe (the address of absent or inanimate others) in the work of four post-World War II American poets, with a focus on loss, desire, figuration, audience, and subjectivity.
ISBN: 9781138833319
Author: Ann Keniston
Page: 184
Binding: Soft cover
Publication date: 2014
Format: Book
Publisher: ROUTLEDGE
Language: English

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By approaching these crucial issues from an unexpected angle--through a study of the seldom-examined lyric "you"--Overheard Voices offers new insight into both contemporary lyric and the lyric genre more generally. The book offers detailed readings of Sylvia Plath, James Merrill, Louise Glück, and Frank Bidart.


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