Christine Temple: Picasso's Brain - The basis of creative genius

Where does creativity come from? Why are some people more creative than others?
ISBN: 9781780334288
Author: Christine Temple
Page: 282
Binding: Soft cover
Publication date: 2016
Format: Book
Publisher: ROBINSON
Language: English

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Eminent neuropsychologist Christine Temple navigates a wide range of factors from the hard science (visual memory, spatial ability, brain functions) to the environmental (the ?mad genius? myth, and Gladwell?s 10,000 hours of practice). In each case she discusses how a particular theory weighs up in the case of Picasso and uses him to show how these factors can combine into true creative genius.In this book, she proposes 7 key causes of creativity to spell out the acronym: PICASSO (Playful mindset, Inhibition reduced, Curiosity, Attentional focus, Single-mindedness, Stoicism, Obsession).


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