Viewpoints Teacher's Book

Viewpoints takes us on a tour through the culture of the English-speaking world, inspired by the words of some of the most important writers.
ISBN: 9788853012289
Page: 96
Binding: Soft cover
Publication date: 2012
Format: Book
Publisher: BLACK CAT
Language: English

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• Language&Education: how the English language has changed, how it has spread in the world and the British and American education systems
• Media&Society: work, young people and the media, in the English-speaking world
• Environment: the most important ecological issues, pollution and ecological politics
• Science&Technology: science, research and the history of industry and technology
• Art: traditional painting and avant-garde art, architecture, photography, films and music And much more:
• Travel (tourist attractions, landscapes, national parks),
• Food (traditional food and eating habits, food and festivities),
• Homes (typical homes, the life in the countryside and in the city),
• Leisure (free time activities and sports).


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