ELI Illustrated Dictionary + Online Digital Book

The latest addition to ELI’s renowned series of complementary dictionaries, this volume offers 35 illustrated themed pages to introduce topics like home, family...
ISBN: 9788853627049
Author: Lynn Patricia Bulmer
Page: 160
Binding: Soft cover
Publication date: 2019
Format: Book
Level: A2-B2
Publisher: ELI, EDIZIONI
Language: English

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Price: 6 950 Ft

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...school and work as well as general topics such as the environment and astronomy. 160-page volume presenting over 2.000 words.
• 35 thematic situations.
• Dialogues and vocabulary extension for each theme.
• Alphabetical listing of all words, cross-referenced to the relevant themed page.
• Online Digital Book (downloadable at www.elionline.com/digitalbook) containing the recording of all words to practis pronunciation, the audio of all dialogues and digital activities for each thematic situation.
• Content immediately available on mobile devices (smartphones, tablets) through the App ELI LINK


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