Collins - Thai Visual Dictionay

A photographic guide to the key words and phrases in Thai. This attractive pocket-sized book is a perfect travel companion and provides a practical guide to Thailand and Thai language and culture.
ISBN: 9780008399696
Page: 272
Binding: Soft cover
Publication date: 2021
Format: Book
Publisher: COLLINS
Language: Thai

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Everyday words are arranged in themes with carefully selected up-to-date images to illustrate key words and phrases, and an English and Thai index help you to find words quickly as you learn.
3,000 essential words and phrases for modern life in Thailand are at your fingertips with topics covering food and drink, home life, work and school, shopping, sport and leisure, transport, technology, and the environment.
Great care has been given to represent modern Thai culture and enhance your experience of Thailand, including customs, celebrations, and festivals.


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