The Complete Guide to IELTS Student's Book with DVD-ROM Band 5.5-7+

Felkészítő könyv az IELTS nyelvvizsga mind a négy komponenséhez, kiegészítő filmanyaggal.
ISBN: 9781285837802
Author: Bruce Rogers, Nick Kenny
Page: 350
Binding: Soft cover
Publication date: 2015
Format: Book+DVD-ROM
Level: B2-C1
Language: English

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Key features:
Each lesson offers task analysis, sample questions, tips and tactics and skills-building exercises.

Seperate Vocabulary lessons deal with the common lexical features of the IELTS reading passage types and listening sections.

A Grammar Resource Bank provides accomprahensive grammar reference and practice exercises covering all the grammar needed for the test

Engaging and motivating National Geographic video lessons increase students' familiarity with the listening task types

Speaking test videos and work sheets build students' confidence by showing real students completing a full Speaking test interview

Full practice tests in the students book in the Students' Book and Teachers' Book give an authentic test practice. Each sections in the Student's Book also starts and ends with a practice test

Extensive additional practice of all four papers plus practice material for th eGeneral Training papers is provided by the DVD-ROM


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