Cambridge English Exam Booster for A2 Key and Key for Schools without Answer Key with Audio - Comprehensive Exam Practice for Students

Essential exam task practice for class or home study for use alongside a coursebook or intensively before the exam.
ISBN: 9781108682268
Author: Caroline Chapman, Susan White, Sarah Dymond
Page: 107
Binding: Soft cover
Publication date: 2020
Level: A2
Language: English

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Focus on essential exam practice for the revised 2020 exams with the Exam Booster for A2 Key and A2 Key for Schools. Maximise learners' potential with dedicated exam task practice for class or home study. 48 exam tasks practise each part of the exam three times while exam facts provide practical information. Exam tips provide useful advice on how to approach the exercises and 'Get it right' boxes highlight typical candidate errors in the exam. This Exam Booster is suitable for both A2 Key and A2 Key for Schools and is photocopiable. The downloadable audio is available from


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