Smart Skills for B1 Preliminary - Preparation for the Revised Exam from 2020 - Self-Study Edition

Smart Skills Cambridge B1 Preliminary consists of 8 theme-based units based on engaging topics from the B1 Preliminary official syllabus. The units provide extensive exam preparation for both the B1 Preliminary and the B1 Preliminary for Schools exams.
ISBN: 9781781646472
Author: Andrew Betsis, Maria Windsor, Linda Lethem
Binding: Soft cover
Publication date: 2019
Level: B1
Publisher: GLOBAL ELT
Language: English

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Each unit covers the necessary Vocabulary (from the official word lists), Grammar (from the official syllabus) and ALL the exam tasks in all 4 skills: Reading, Writing, Listening, Speaking
QR Codes are used for the listening section, for free and easy streaming.
Step-by-step guidance for all parts of the Speaking and Writing sections.
Self-Study Edition with:
a Self-study Guide that includes: Audioscripts, Answer Key & Sample Answers for the Writing & Speaking sections
Audio CD MP3


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