Lenore Look: Alvin Ho

A humorous and touching series about facing your fears and embracing new experiences - with a truly unforgettable character - from author Lenore Look.
ISBN: 9780375849305
Author: Lenore Look
Page: 172
Binding: Soft cover
Publication date: 2008
Format: Book
Language: English
Ages: 6-10 years

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Alvin, an Asian American second grader, is afraid of everything—elevators, tunnels, girls, and, most of all, school. He’s so afraid of school that, while he’ s there, he never, ever, says a word. But at home, Alvin is a very loud superhero named Firecracker Man, a brother to Calvin and Anibelly, and a gentleman-in-training, just like his dad. With the help of his family, can Alvin take on the outside world without letting his fears get the best of him?


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