Arthur C. Clarke: Rama Revealed

On its mysterious voyage through deep space, a massive, alien starship carries its passengers to the end of a generations-long odyssey.
ISBN: 9780553569476
Author: Arthur C. Clarke
Page: 624
Binding: Soft cover
Publication date: 1995
Format: Book
Publisher: SPECTRA
Language: English

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The great experiment has failed, Rama III has become an interspecies battleground, and the intergalactic ark is headed for its final destination: the Node. To some, the Node is a vast engineering station; to others, it's a place of wonder and miracles. To the handful of renegade humans seeking the secret of the ships inner workings, it is a summons to final judgment. Here the stunning climax of the Rama journey awaits—the unforgettable revelation of the true identity of the beings behind this strange, glittering trek across the cosmos.


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