Alex Dahl: The Boy at the Door

What would you do for the perfect life? Would you lie? Would you cheat? Would you kill? When Cecilia ends up looking after a boy with no home, dark secrets from her past force their way to surface...
ISBN: 9781786699244
Author: Alex Dahl
Page: 374
Binding: Soft cover
Publication date: 2018
Format: Book
Publisher: HEAD OF ZEUS
Language: English

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The psychological thriller everyone will be talking about this summer. Perfect for fans of Friend Request , He Said/She Said and The Couple Next Door. 'Unsettling, layered, bold, unpredictable, dark. EXCELLENT' Will Dean, author of Dark Pines . What would you do for the perfect life? Would you LIE? Would you CHEAT? Would you KILL? Cecilia Wilborg has THE PERFECT LIFE . A handsome husband, two beautiful daughters and a luxurious house in the picture-postcard town of Sandefjord. But Cecilia also has A DARK SECRET . A secret so damaging it can never be brought to light. Then Tobias enters her life. He is a small, friendless eight-year-old boy who just wants to find a home. But he threatens to bring Cecilia's world crashing down . 'STUNNING ... Intricate and twisted with dark secrets emerging at every turn' ALEXANDRA BURT, author of Sunday Times Bestseller Little Girl Gone . 'Heartbreaking and HEAD-SPINNING' MARY TORJUSSEN, author of Gone Without a Trace . 'Remarkable ... GRIPS LIKE A VICE' CRIME TIME.


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