Dennis Morris: The Little Book of Permutation Matrices

This book is about permutation matrices. It is the only book currently available on this subject. Permutation matrices are very simple things.
ISBN: 9781546702085
Author: Dennis Morris
Page: 88
Binding: Soft cover
Publication date: 2017
Format: Book
Language: English

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A bright 10-year old could understand most of this book. None-the-less, permutation matrices are utterly central to mathematics and theoretical physics. Permutation matrices underpin finite group theory, abstract algebra and modern particle physics. In this book, we get a very simple, almost childlike, introduction to permutation matrices. The reader is introduced to finite group theory in the most simple way possible. The book concludes with a simple and brief introduction to abstract algebra and modern gauge theory. Utterly simple and yet utterly profound, this book is a must read for all mathematicians and physicists.


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