Stephen Fry: Troy: Our Greatest Story Retold

In Stephen Fry's exceptional retelling of our greatest story, TROY will transport you to the depths of ancient Greece and beyond.
ISBN: 9781405944465
Author: Stephen Fry
Page: 432
Binding: Soft cover
Publication date: 2021
Format: Book
Publisher: PENGUIN
Language: English

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Troy. The most marvellous kingdom in all the world. The Jewel of the Aegean. Glittering Ilion, the city that rose and fell not once but twice . . .

When Helen, the beautiful Greek queen, is kidnapped by the Trojan prince Paris, the most legendary warof all time begins.

Watch in awe as a thousand ships are launched against the great city of Troy.

Feel the fury of the battleground as the Trojans stand resolutely against Greek might for an entire decade.

And witness the epic climax - the wooden horse, delivered to the city of Troy in a masterclass of deception by the Greeks . . .


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