IELTS Practice Tests 1 Class Audio CDs (2)

IELTS Practice Tests 1 is designed to help all students prepare for the IELTS examination. There are two versions of the test book, one with an answer key for home study, and one without an answer key, suitable for use in class.
ISBN: 9781842167557
Author: James Milton, Huw Bell, Peter Neville
Publication date: 2001
Format: Audio CD
Level: C1
Language: English

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Each version contains four complete tests for the Academic module, with two separate Reading and Writing sections for the General Training candidates.

Both editions include an introduction to the exam, details of how it is graded, helpful tips for students and the full transcript of the Listening section. The 'With Answers' edition also contains an answer key to the Reading and Listening sections, sample essays for the Writing module and two model scripts for the Speaking test. The Listening tests follow the style and timing of the actual exam, and the recordings feature a variety of different accents.


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