Business English Marketing and Sales - Teacher's Book

Business English Marketing and Sales Authentic ESP Materials for Multi-Level Classroom The first of a series of books for learners of English in the business world that primarily promotes reading and writing skills.
ISBN: 9781848621381
Author: Navine Abdel Khalik, Hassan Badr, Dina El-Araby
Page: 21
Binding: Soft cover
Publication date: 2008
Language: English

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Learners learn to read and analyse authentic materials including poems, internet and newspaper articles. They also practise listening to recorded excerpts from actual movie scenes. The structure of the units and subsequent language exercises allows flexibility when there are different levels of learners in the same class who range from high beginners to low intermediate. The text is colourful, interesting and easy to use. Each booklet is accompanied by a teacher´s companion with instructions on classroom techniques an audio CD.


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