Business Result Second Edition Advanced Class Audio CD

Business Result Second Edition offers business professionals more communication and language practice than ever before, helping students develop relevant communication skills they can use immediately in the workplace.
ISBN: 9780194739146
Author: Kate Baade, Christopher Holloway, John Hughes, Jim Scrivener, Rebecca Turner
Publication date: 2017
Format: Audio CD
Level: C1
Language: English
Ages: adult

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Price: 8 250 Ft

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For business professionals looking to advance their careers through improving their English, Business Result Second Edition is a practical Business English course that focuses on real, relevant communication skills they can immediately use in the workplace.

The easy-to-use, flexible and adaptable materials with comprehensive support and guidance from the Teacher's Book allow teachers to tailor their lessons to the needs of their students with minimum effort.

With new Online Practice providing automatically-marked practice activities for self-study, video and audio to download or stream, and progress tracking for students and teachers.


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