Dynamic Presentations DVD - Cambridge Business Skills

The Dynamic Presentations DVD is designed to be used alongside the Dynamic Presentations Student's Book or on its own as an independent resource.
ISBN: 9780521150064
Author: Mark Powell
Publication date: 2011
Format: DVD
Level: B1-C2
Language: English
Ages: adult

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Price: 17 950 Ft

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Aimed at today's busy executives and those studying for or wishing to further their careers in business, Dynamic Presentations looks at what constitutes a successful, motivating presentation and gives learners an insight into the essential skills and techniques they will need to ensure their presentations are both motivating and memorable. It is for intermediate to advanced learners of business English who want to excel at presenting. The Dynamic Presentations DVD includes expert advice from the author, authentic business presentations and company profiles, together with scripted scenes aimed to improve competency in key management areas.


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