Heads up 2nd edition B2 Student's Book with Audio Online

Each level of Heads up is divided into 40 two-page units which get right to the heart of students' needs. The units are divided into three sections growing from My job through to My business and finally to The bigger picture.
ISBN: 9783125013179
Author: Mark Tulip, Louise Green, Richard Nicholas
Page: 104
Binding: Soft cover
Publication date: 2019
Format: Book + Online Audio Material
Level: B2
Language: English

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Audios via Delta Augmented or online
Speak audible flashcards via Delta Augmented to practise the Key language from every unit
Online PDFs file of alternative Task materials to replace some of the Task sections in Heads up B2 to suit students who arenot yet in work. Please visit https://www.deltapublishing.co.uk/titles/business-english/heads-up-b2


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