Iatefl Creative Cafe 2019. június 7


We would like to invite all English teachers to our June Creative Café, where we will have a great joint presentation about task-based learning by Neil Anderson and Anna Csiky. We're looking forward to seeing you there for a nice afternoon of CPD and networking.


Title: Revisiting Task-based Learning

Task-based Learning (TBL), also known as Task-based Language Teaching (TBLT), is experiencing renewed interest decades after it first gained attention. In this workshop we would like to answer the following questions:
- What exactly is a task? What is not a task?
- What are the benefits of a task-based approach?
- What does a task-based lesson look like in practice?
- How does a task-based lesson differ from lessons that use grammar as a starting point?
- Can you be a TBL teacher if you have to use a prescribed coursebook?
- How can you create your own tasks?
We’re aiming to answer these questions through practical demonstration, reflection and discussion.

Anna Csiky:
I am a freelance English teacher and teacher trainer, currently on maternity leave with baby Bence, who is already a keen IATEFL conference goer. In the little time I spend working, I am happy to team up with people and organisations that share my mission of making language teaching and learning a more efficient and more enjoyable experience for everyone involved.
Neil Anderson:
I am Senior Trainer at International House Budapest, where I work as a teacher and teacher trainer. I am also co-author of the Delta Publishing title Ideas in Action: Activities for Task-based Learning. I have taught and trained in the UK, Switzerland and Hungary. My interests include second language acquisition and fluency first approaches such as TBL and Dogme.