Változások a TOEFL nyelvvizsgában 2019 augusztus 1-től


The TOEFL is changing on August 1, 2019. Major changes to the reading, listening and speaking sections have been announced by ETS.  Not only that, but over the past year the test has already changed quite a lot, in ways that haven't really been publicly announced by ETS.  Here's what you need to note.

Reading Section

Each reading passage will have only 10 questions, instead of 12-14.  It will take 52-74 minutes to finish the reading section, instead of 60-80 minutes.

The same types of questions will be used.  No question types will be eliminated.

The number of articles will not change.

Speaking Section

Speaking Question 1 (personal preference) and Speaking Question 5 (campus situation) will be removed from the test.

It will take 17 minutes to finish the speaking section, instead of 20 minutes.

Listening Section

There will be just 3-4 lectures in the listening section, instead of 4-6. The number of conversations will not change.  The number of questions will not change.

It will take 41-57 minutes to finish the listening section, instead of 60-90 minutes.


It will take three hours to finish the test, instead of 3.5 hours.  The test will still be scored out of 120 points, and each section will still have equal weight.