Prices and discounts

Prices quoted in this website include VAT. (VAT rate 5% for books, VAT rate 27% for any other product)

Invoices will be issued in EUR unless otherwise requested.

For special discounts on bulk orders, please contact Mr Peter Szabo, the managing director of Libra Books Ltd. at



Please remember that only one type of discount can be applied at a time!

Loyalty discount

If your purchase exceeds 20.000 HUF we give you a 15% discount on the price of the items you have chosen. Also, you will be provided with a card that makes you eligible for a 15% discount in our shop any time you decide to purchase something from us in the future.


Teacher/student discount

If you can present a valid teacher or student ID in our shop upon payment you are eligible for a 15% discount.

In case of home deliveries, please send us (via e-mail or fax) a scanned image of the ID you want to claim your discount for. Before you finalize your online order you will have an opportunity to fill in a 'comments' section. Please also indicate here if you would like to claim the teacher/student discount.



Coupon discount

If you have an online coupon code please enter it into the appropriate field and your discount will be automatically applied (in percentage or sum). Please remember that neither coupon discounts, nor any other discounts can be applied together; we advise you to choose the option which provides you the best price on your current purchase. Also, note that discount prices are only available for non-discounted or non-outlet products!


Further reductions:

20% discount for students of ELTE, KÖZGÁZ, ÁVF, BME, KÁROLI, PÁZMÁNY and PTE university students.

20% discount for IATEFL (International Association for Teachers of English as a Foreign Language) members

20% discount for members of OIK (Országos Idegennyelvű Könyvtár – Hungarian Foreign Language Library)

20% discount for holders of British Council Taste of Britain cards


Trafó Pass

By showing your Trafó Pass you become eligible for a 15% discount.


Józsefváros Card

By showing your Józsefváros Card you become eligible for a 15% discount.


HVG Card

By showing your HVG Card you become eligible for a 15% discount.