French Slang: Do you speak the real French?: The essentials of French Slang

Let’s face it, real-world French doesn’t sound like it just came out of a stuffy formal textbook. This book will help you sound like an actual human being from the 21st century.
ISBN: 9781975784072
Author: Bibard, Frederic
Page: 72
Binding: Soft cover
Publication date: 2015
Format: Book
Language: French

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Price: 8 625 Ft

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Now you can learn and understand everyday French conversations - the kind you can hear spoken by native speakers on the street, in movies and TV, and, more importantly, in real life!

Straightforward, no fluff and fillers

French Slang gets straightto the point, offering you 12 sections of more than 600 words and phrases. No unnecessary fluff included, just straightforward, practical vocabulary that allows you to navigate the most likely scenarios you’ll encounter.


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