Egyptian Arabic-English / English-Egyptian Arabic Dictionary & Phrasebook

This user-friendly reference includes the essential words, phrases and expressions a visitor would need to experience and enjoy Egypt to the fullest.
ISBN: 9780781813174
Page: 320
Binding: Soft cover
Publication date: 2013
Format: Book
Language: Arabic

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Egyptian Arabic is also widely understood in other Arab countries, making this dictionary and phrasebook a very useful communication tool for visitors to these countries as well. The two-way dictionary section is extensive, and contains a wealth of words and phrases commonly used by Egyptians as they go about their daily lives, and beyond. The phrasebook section has insightful information about the Egyptian people, their customs, traditions and way of life. It covers topics such as meeting, visiting, socializing and celebrating with new Egyptian friends. Whether you are sightseeing, dining out with a client, or buying fresh produce from a local trader, you can also count on this book to help you negotiate your way around Egypt. Includes over 6,000 dictionary entries, useful phrasebook chapters, easy-to-use phonetics, and a basic grammar section.


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