Complete Key for Schools Student's Book without Answers + Online Practice Test - For the Revised Exam from 2020

Complete Key for Schools is the most thorough preparation for the revised A2 Key for Schools
ISBN: 9781108539333
Author: David McKeegan
Page: 152
Binding: Soft cover
Publication date: 2019
Format: Book + Online Materials
Level: A2
Language: English

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Complete is trusted by millions of candidates worldwide. This course allows you to maximise students' performance with the Complete approach to language development and exam training. It creates a stimulating learning environment with eye-catching images, easy-to-navigate units and fun topics. Students are able to build confidence through our unique understanding of the exam and insights from previous candidate performance, and the Complete exam journey for successful and stress-free outcomes. Online Practice accompanying each Student's Book offers additional practice in grammar and vocabulary. Downloadable Class Audio containing the listening material for this course is provided with the Teacher's Book.


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