PTE Practice Tests Plus General level 3 - B2 - Paper Based Test with Key and Teacher's Resources

Practice Tests Plus offers teachers a wide variety of resources to help them prepare their students for taking the Pearson Test of English General (PTE General) paper-based test.
ISBN: 9781292353425
Page: 190
Binding: Soft cover
Publication date: 2020
Level: B2
Language: English

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Key Features:

• 5 complete practice tests which offer “guided” and “ready for test” materials for students to work with

• Test 1 offers guidance and overviews per section of the test, scaffolded support and practice

• Test 2 includes tips to guide students through the test tasks

• Speaking and writing banks to help students build effective skills

• A Grammar reference bank for refreshing knowledge

• Additional online resources on the Pearson English Portal

• Audio, video and vocab practice activities on the Pearson Practice English App

Unique video support for the speaking test

Videos of mock speaking tests, available for each section, familiarise students with the format of the test, whereas examiner feedback video informs the learner of what constitutes good performance and ways they can improve.

In addition, general videos familiarise both teachers and students with the exam format.


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