Barron's SAT Vocabulary Flash Cards

Barron?s SAT Vocabulary Flash Cards is a test prep tool that presents 500 SAT high-frequency words, selected because they have appeared as key words in recent SAT reading passages and critical reading questions.
ISBN: 9780764167546
Author: Sharon Weiner Green
Publication date: 2015
Format: Vocabulary cards
Language: English

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Cards are alphabetically arranged in the box, with an extra place-marker card that students can use to gauge their word-learning progress. This vocabulary building flash card set enables SAT test takers to review words they might already know, as well as to master unfamiliar words they are likely to encounter both on the SAT and in their college courses. The front of each card lists the target word along with a guide to its pronunciation and its part of speech. The card?s reverse side presents the word?s definition, uses it in a sentence, and lists synonyms. Students who master all 500 words will find enclosed instructions for making their own flash cards and continuing to expand their vocabularies. Flash cards in this set each have a small punch-holein the one corner. It accommodates an enclosed metal ring that students can use to arrange select cards for study on the go.


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