500 Basic Korean Verbs The Only Comprehensive Guide to Conjugation and Usage

500 Basic Korean Verbs is a complete study guide to the most common Korean verbs.
ISBN: 9780804846059
Author: Kyubyong Park
Page: 512
Binding: Soft cover
Publication date: 2015
Format: Book
Language: Korean

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Korean grammar is notoriously difficult for foreigners to master but is essential for those wishing to learn Korean. This book is the only comprehensive guide to the correct usage of Korean verbs available for English-speaking learners.

Each of the 500 high-frequency Korean verbs is presented in a convenient single-page format that gives the verb's meaning and pronunciation and displays the verb's 48 main tenses, speech levels, and moods (all accompanied by romanizations). Also included are a handyguide to the Korean language and verb conjugation, reference tables of basic Korean verb types, and three indexes (Romanized, Hangeul, and English).


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