Barron's Practice for Success - Spanish Verb Tenses

ISBN: 9781438002941
Author: Frank Nuessel
Page: 420
Binding: Soft cover
Publication date: 2013
Format: Book
Language: Spanish

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Barron's Spanish language workbook makes an excellent textbook supplement for high school and college-level courses. Quizzes and exercises focus on verbs and their correct usage in Spanish, stressing typical examples of usage in both written sentences and spoken dialogues, and includes special emphasis on conjugations. Separate chapters cover verb tenses, the passive voice, and non-finite verb forms Verbs are presented with their conjugation rules Exemplary verb forms are shown in a contrasting typeface Additional features that help make language learning easy include crossword puzzles, grammar tips, exercises with answers, and topic reviews. Book includes FREE download of more than 90 minutes of exclusive instructional audio on Spanish verb conjugations.


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