Sentence Maker! - Let's play in English (Társasjáték)

The game consists of: -a colourful playing board; -a pack of 66 cards; -a numbered die; -a die with personal pronouns; -a die with different types of sentences; -counters and points tokens; -an instruction booklet.
ISBN: 9788853616746
Publication date: 2014
Format: Board game
Level: A2-B1
Publisher: ELI, EDIZIONI
Language: English
Ages: 14-18 years

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Price: 9 100 Ft

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This fun game helps learning, revision and the correct use of the present, past and future tenses, plus a whole range of vocabulary related to daily routines. It develops comprehension skills and encourages students to form sentences with the correct use of tenses and expressions of time. The instruction booklet contains instructions, ideas for further activities and a list of verbs and expressions of time.


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