American Big Picture Pre-Intermediate Workbook + Audio CD

American Big Picture is a highly visual, easy-to-use, six-level course for adult and young adult learners of English.
ISBN: 9786070605789
Author: Bess Bradfield, Carol Lethaby
Binding: Soft cover
Publication date: 2013
Format: Book + Audio CD
Level: B1
Language: American English
Ages: adult

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Real-life, relevant, international contexts combine with striking images to engage students, while the carefully graded activities give them the opportunities and support they need to express themselves with confidence.
-- Thought-provoking images and texts introduce the topics and stimulate discussion in every lesson.
-- A systematic vocabulary building strand encourages students to use new words and phrases in real-life contexts.
-- Grammar sections focus on authentic, useful language and high-frequency expressions, and are topic and context driven.
-- The Functional Language pages allow students to practice the target language in everyday situations.
-- The final Writing or Speaking Task in each unit requires students to apply the language they have learned in a practical, fun context.


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