New Approaches to Lusophone Culture

The history of Brazil is marked by the transfer of the Portuguese crown to Rio de Janeiro and the declaration of its independence in 1822 whereas African colonies underwent the Colonial War in the 1960s and 1970s in the context of the Portuguese Estado
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Author: Natália Pinazza
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Publication date: 2016
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Novo, while Macau, which was the last European Colony in Asia, became independent in 1999. In the wake of colonization and amidst the increasing impacts of globalization, Portuguese-speaking countries have formed national and supra-national alliances beyond the Lusophone community: Portugal with the EU, Brazil as part of Mercosur, Macau with China, not to mention Goa’s annexation to India. In this context, cultural production has been marked by negotiation with the colonial past, independence in Africaand Asia and the end of dictatorship in Portugal and Brazil, changes in gender relations and dialogue with commercial genres associated with US culture. This negotiation is found in literature and films through the perpetuation or problematization of discourses symptomatic of the colonial legacy, which informs representation of historical moments as well as their aftermath.


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