Brain Friendly Grammar Neurolanguage Coaching (with demo recordings)

Grammar - most language learners hate it, and in fact most language teachers hate it too! Brain Friendly Grammar enlightens language educators as to why learning grammar has been so dry and unstimulating in the past
ISBN: 9781471591204
Author: Rachel Paling
Page: 98
Binding: Soft cover
Publication date: 2019
Format: Book + Audio CD
Language: English

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This book is not a traditional grammar book and is probably very different to any other grammar book that you have read. It is really intended for language educators who already have knowledge of grammar or even for polyglots or language specialists whoalso have a very good grasp of the mechanical side of the language. If you are new to teaching or coaching grammar, Rachel suggests using this particular book as the skeleton script for the grammar coaching conversation, but then use the traditional grammar books for the indepth knowledge pertaining to the theory. By using the versatile Neurolanguage Coaching PACT PQC model, language educators will gain more confidence, and be more motivated to deliver grammar, transforming language into stimulated, curiosity arousing conversations that may impact learners in an extremely positive way.


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