Exploring Teachers in Fiction and Film: Saviors, Scapegoats and Schoolmarms

This book about teachers as characters in popular media examines what can be learned from fictional teachers for the purposes of educating real teachers. Its aim is twofold: to examine the constructed figure of the teacher in film, television and text an
ISBN: 9781138944411
Author: Melanie Shoffner
Page: 248
Binding: Soft cover
Publication date: 2016
Format: Book
Publisher: ROUTLEDGE
Language: English

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Organized around four main themes-Identifying with the Teacher Image; Constructing the Teacher with Content; Imaging the Teacher as Savior; The Teacher Construct as Commentary-the chapters examine the complicated mixture of fact, stereotype and misrepresentation that create the image of the teacher in the public eye today. This examination, in turn, allows teacher educators to use popular culture as curriculum. Using the fictional teacher as a text, preservice-and practicing-teachers can examine positive and negative (and often misleading) representations of teachers in order to develop as teachers themselves.


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