English Pronunciation in Use Intermediate (2nd Edition) with Answers

English Pronunciation in Use Intermediate Second Edition is a comprehensive reference and practice book for learners of intermediate level and above.
ISBN: 9780521185127
Author: Mark Hancock
Page: 208
Binding: Soft cover
Publication date: 2012
Format: Book
Level: B1-B2
Language: English

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It is suitable for use by individual learners or in the classroom. Contains 60 easy-to-use two-page units covering all aspects of pronunciation, including sounds, stress and intonation. A brand new section 'Understanding Pronunciation in Use' focuses onthe skill of understanding pronunciation in fast speech. The accompanying audio CDs include models for repetition and slowed down extracts for listening. New authentic, unscripted recordings give learners exposure to natural English in a variety of accents. The comprehensive reference section includes a glossary, exercises on using phonemic symbols and information on English as a lingua franca. The accompanying CD-ROM offers additional activities, a 'record yourself' feature and an interactive phonemicchart.


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