Grammar Rhymes Teacher’s Book

The Teachers Book accompanies GRAMMAR RHYMES coursebook, a practical English grammar course book for children aged 8-14. GRAMMAR RHYMES consists of 33 themes which range from conjugating the verb to be to creating and using the Second Conditional.
ISBN: 9788395124129
Author: Joanna Zaranska
Page: 233
Binding: Soft cover
Publication date: 2019
Format: Book + Online Materials
Level: A1-A2
Publisher: EARLY STAGE
Language: English
Ages: 6-10 years

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GRAMMAR RHYMES Teachers Book is convenient for making photocopies for each lesson. The Teachers Book contains a code for online resources but does not contain the CD with songs.

GRAMMAR RHYMES will launch your child on an amazing educational adventure and familiarise him or her with the exciting world of English grammar.


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